How to remove canonical tag on pagination pages?

Hi, I recently built a Glossary of terms. I used Finsweet attributes Library for filtering and loading the CMS. When I run the site through Screaming Frog, I see that the pagination of the glossary is being canonicalized, and it indicates that this is a big error I should eliminate.
I have been looking all around how to fix this, but I can not seem to find a solution.
Anyone here knows how to do that?
I would really appreciate the help!

This is the glossary page:

Hey Veronica,

Ignore Screaming Frog on this- your site is setup perfectly.
You do NOT want Google indexing those paginated list URLs especially because you are using FS Load. You want only that main /glossary page indexed.

If you really want to maximize your SEO, build out the Collection pages [ e.g. ] even more… video, related links, deeper content article as rich text… even a user commenting system perhaps.

But looks well setup already.

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Hi Michael,
Thank you very much for the input and the link to that article. I was not sure if it was a problem. Inside Google Search Console it shows like this:

But on the other hand page 8 (the last one) shows indexed, but when I looked further it seems the canonical is the main glossary page (no pagination), so I guess that is good,
I also notice that page 8 is the only paginated page it indexed. So that is good

And yes, I still have a lot of work to do improving the entries content…and the linking amongst everything, which is very puzzling…lol

Thank you very much Michael!

Yes, that confuses people a lot, but it’s the behavior you want.
Webflow is including a canonical ( good ) and specifically identifying the main page that should be indexed ( good ).

This might help-

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