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Cannot edit Rich Text in Webflow Editor

Hi there,
I am building a site out for a client, and I built their Terms and Conditions page using the Rich Text element, hoping that that would mean that they could edit it on the fly when they needed to. I have no issues editing the text, but when you attempt to edit the text in the Webflow editor a very weird bug occurs:

If you attempt to edit anything on the page before you scroll, it’s no problem. But if you attempt to edit text after you scroll, it’s impossible. The editing elements do not pop up. Watch the video to see what I mean.

Anyone have any idea what this could be related to?

Read only link:

I can’t reproduce the bug (since I don’t have access to the Editor) but can you test to confirm this is happening in incognito mode with all extensions disabled?

This seems like a bug, and if you’re having issues within the test mentioned above, I’d reach out to Webflow Support. You can do this within the project by hovering over the question mark icon in the lower left, choose Help & Feedback, and then click the send us feedback or a help request link:


In the meantime you could switch this to use a rich text collection item which would allow you to edit the information within the collection tab of the Editor instead. This may give you the ability to circumvent the bug without any loss in functionality.

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