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Webflow Editor Bug on Microsoft Edge

The rich text editor for collections does not operate properly on Edge browsers.
I’ve outlined the issues I’ve encountered below.

  1. Highlighting the text brings up the dialogue for styling the text as a heading, link, bold text, ect, but you cannot click on any of the options.
  2. Making a new line causes the “+” to appear for adding photos and stuff but you cannot click on any of the options.
  3. After initially creating the collection item, the rich text box will always reset back to the original text. What I mean by this is, if I were to edit an already created collection item any changes made to a rich text form will not save after hitting the save button. It will keep reverting back to the original text.
  4. Rich text editors are the only form type that seem affected. All of the other forms seem to be working properly

Here is a short video illustrating the issue:

I’ve already told my client to use Chrome when editing their site, but I figured I would mention the bug here so the developers are aware of it. The clients I’ve hosted here on Webflow use either Chrome or Safari so this is the first time I’ve encountered this bug.

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