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Cannot click the link in dropdown

Can not click the link in dropdown .
Pls help me :pray:

It appears to me that you do not any have links set up.

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Thank you for reply
But I add the link and still can’t click.

Yes, there is issue with the slider. Temporally move it down about 220 then test the drop-down. It appears that the slider is covering, or on top of, the drop-down selections. Although there is no Z-index associated with either the drop-downs or slider.

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Yes, but if not move down, can it be done?

Hi @Wachirawit_Krongsuri,

Read my post here:

It’s your layer stack. The slider is actually “Above/In Front” of the Nav menu. If you wan to keep the Nav menu in the same position, then it must be set to - Relative or Absolute - but cannot be Static.

Set it to Relative, then set the z-index to 10. Then the menu will be fine.

See ya! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much :pray:

No problem, see ya later. Have fun!

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