Dropdown hidden behind section


I have some issues with dropdown. Actually, for some of them, when they open they do it behind the section header. See the lil vid. Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software


I tried to set z-index but it doesn’t change a thing. I am guessing that that a div from another section can’t step over a section if it’s not set to Absolute ?

Thank you

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Well, your header elements that are usually right below the dropdowns all have some super high z-indexes like 7000. Dropdowns hide behind them. I am not sure why you need these z-indexes but if you remove them nothing seems to be broken and dropdowns work as expeced.


Thanks for the reply.
For the Z-index, i tried to organise my work. I set it back to auto like you said. But unfortunately it didn’t work out.

you tell me that you tried and you succeed ? Do you mind to reformulate your action ?

Thanks a lot.

From what I can tell on your read-only things already work as intended as you have changed your z-indexes to work properly without overlapping.