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Canceling a plan, and getting back later

Hello, as I will not use webflow for approximately two months, I want to stop my plan for this period. I just want to be sure that, when I’ll come back, and get a new plan, I’ll get back to the point I am in right now.

Thanks. See you soon :slight_smile:

Hi @Aminerman, if you decide to pause your membership, and let it expire to the Free plan, from a paid plan, then your sites will just become unpublished and will be held in your free account. We will not delete those, and you can restart your paid membership at any time and continue working. Since Webflow is web based, it is also easy if your hardware situation changes i.e. new job or something, so we are really easy to work with :smile:

It is only if you yourself delete a site, that the site will be gone forever. This is the reason we require customers to type in the word “Delete” before any site is deleted, because once a site is deleted by the customer, we are unable to restore customer deleted sites.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Cheers, Dave

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