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Can you share your experience building website with Webflow Template?

Would you like to share your experience in building products using Webflow template? What are the the mistakes that I you learnt along the way?

I am building a product using webflow from the scratch. Would template make things easier?


@Lucky24 - it can definitely speed thing up, particularly in the design phase if you just want to start building.

If you do use one, my recommendation is to catalog (at least mentally) all of the existing pages and the section / interactions, styles, etc…that exist within the template so that you know the existing “tools” you have to work from. For instance if you need a three column layout with icons on a page you should know if that layout exists on one of the template layouts, you can then copy and paste it instead of spending time building it.

I would also always duplicate pages when starting to build and never delete pages entirely, from my recollection you can’t really restore them that easily. If you duplicate, you’ll always have all of the original content and page types.

Some templates in my experience also come with a style guide page, you can use this to update global styles like fonts, colors, etc…if you do that for all elements on this page it should update across the site.

Hopefully that is useful to some degree.


Very useful. Thank you Sam.