Can you set a separate default homepage for members only on Webflow Membership?


I’ve been using Webflow Membership to create a website that allows users to log into an account and access different content on the website based on whether they are logged in.

My issue is that I want there to be a separate default homepage for currently logged in users that isn’t the original default homepage they see when they originally open the website.

Currently, I have my site set up so that when users login, they are redirected to the members-only homepage. However, if the user leaves the website and then opens it again, they are still logged in but they are not directed to the members-only homepage. Instead they are placed on the original homepage.

So basically, I was wondering if you can have two separate homepages with Webflow Membership, one for all users, and then one specifically for members-only users?

You can review for this kind of solution.

I would really love to find a solution to this. I have the exact same issue and i have to imagine it’s a common one for anyone using webflow memberships.

Webflow memberships is still very limited in its functionality and is best suited to basic ebook products and courses etc.

If you want a lot of customisation and functionality Memberstack is the best plugin available.