Redirect Logout Page For My "Member Site"

Currently I have a members enabled site right now and at the moment whenever members decide to logout they are redirected straight to my “homepage” regardless of which page they are on when they initiate the logout. Is there any way I can change this such that they are redirected back to the page that they initiate the logout from?

Thanks in advance for the replies. :slight_smile:

There is nothing built in to configure logout routing, that I’m aware of.

Keep in mind this behavior exists because in most cases, the homepage is the ONE page that is probably not “gated”. Therefore it’s the one place Webflow can send you that probably won’t end up with redirect back to login.

That said if you’re really determined you could almost certain build a workable solution using custom code, even though it would be a little bit of a hack.

What’s the use-case if they logout from a page that they must be logged into?