Members beta - Redirect to members page is user is logged in

Hi Webflowers,

I’m working with membership beta and I would like my app can redirect home page url to members page if the user is logged in.

The current behavior is:

  • User goes to (home page)

  • User log in

  • Redirect to member page

The thing is if the user is still login and they type, they are redirecting to
But I want to redirect them to if they type and they are logged in.
If they are not logged in, the app should redirect to

Expected behavior:

User logged in

  • Type

  • Instead of redirect to redirect to

User no logged in

  • Type

  • Redirect to

Is there any way to do that? Or something similar?

According to the Webflow Memberships BETA team, there are a few Member-specific-content features in the works. It’s not clear what that will result in, but these have been brought up in the forums-

  • The ability to detect login at the script level, including Member ID and groups, so that script-level decisions can be made.
  • Sections that hide/show depending on group access.

Either of those could be used to implement your nav design, but at present, neither are available.

If you need this now though, you could flip your plan on its back, like so-

  • Make your homepage members only
  • When members are logged in, they can access it and see member stuff
  • When users are NOT logged in, they’ll get bounced to the access denied page. That page can contain a script to redirect them to a /public page, which is then your public-access homepage.