Can you reinstall the same template on the same Webflow site?

I understand templates are typically sold to be used on one site, and that’s fine and understandable. Let’s say I installed a template on Now, while working on the site, something went wrong or I messed up. I would like to do a “factory reset” on the template. In other words, just put a fresh copy of the same template on the same site or webflow subdomain (

Is this possible? Or would I still have to start a new webflow site/project?

And if I did HAVE TO start a new site/project, if I delete the old site, I am able to use the same template on another website without too much hassle?

BTW, to all the amazing people who reply to my questions (past and present). You guys are stars. Thank you.

You could just run an old backup of the site before you changed anything? If that’s not possible I think you would need to make a new site with the same template. You can use the template as much as you want as long as it’s for the same client.

Not sure I understand. Can you download these backups and use them to restore to another project/site? If not, I have thought that each time you start a new site it a new backup timeline and you could only restore to that site. I am happy to be corrected. Thanks.

If you make a copy of the website you can only revert it back to the original copy. If you have been working on the same website template from the start you can use the backup to restore the template. The other option is to create a new site with the original purchased template. A purchased template can be used as much as you want if it’s for the same project/client.

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Hi Guys, I have updated scenario related to the above, and I am hoping you can help me. Lets say I have site/project at and I have installed a template which I purchased from Webflow template marketplace. If I now delete this site, I am obviously now no longer using that template.

So, a month or two later I may want start a new project/site, how would I go about downloading or installing the template that I had purchased and installed before for Because I may want to use that template again but on a different domain or site.

Is there a way of downloading and installing a previously purchased template?

Thank you.

Hey Ryan, I came across this thread looking for the same answer as you. I just figured it out. You can just search for the same template and then click “buy” and it will say “you’ve already purchased this template. is it for the same client?”, you say yes, and it would get the new file.

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Thanks Alina. You are correct. I worked it out some time ago through trial and error :slight_smile: but it would have been nicer if someone from webflow just told me the answer. It would have saved me considerable time. Btw, thank you.