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Is it possible to replace templates in the same Webflow site/project?

Hi, Can I delete one template on Webflow site and replace it with a different one? Or would I need to start a new project with a new webflow domain?

Let’s say I have site and I have Template 1 installed at present. If I no longer like this template, can I still keep the webflow site and replace the template with Template 2?

I hope that makes sense. Like replacing one theme with another in WP. Is this possible in Webflow?

Thank you.

If I understand what you mean then this isn’t possible. You can’t swap out templates on a project.

Your content becomes part of the project and isn’t separated so all would be lost even if you could.

If your concern is around CMS data then this can be exported and imported to another project. This may help…

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Thank you for confirming. I thought as much. It just means I have to plan things a bit better.