Can you not edit Styles from the Style Manager?

Hi everyone,

I just played around with a CMS template for the first time and wanted to check out its styles and do customise them further.

Now I thought I simply use the build in Style Manager do manage the Styles.
But I didn’t get any further than looking at a List of my Styles and managing its Names.
Or am I doing something horribly wrong ?

If logically working through my Stylesheet to build my website efficiently cannot be done in the Style Manager, whats the right way to do so with webflow?

I’ve only been started working with webflow recently and I really like it in general, but I have to admit I miss the efficiency of editing the code myself, especially the .css files.

What if you were just be able to click on any Style in the Style Manager and choose “edit” ?

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Good idea! Please submit your request here

You would visually (or via the navigator(press F)) choose a style, then in the Styles tab(press S), you can change the CSS of the element you have chosen. This is the CSS you are changing right there.

Your request to be able to edit styles in the styles tab is great! I really want that actually, how it would work is still unclear for me, though. If you don’t submit this idea to the wishlist soon, I will. :slight_smile:

Yes, I know that way, but its not really a great way of actually managing your Styles.

I mean I don’t get why you cannot simply select a Style in the Style Manager and once selected you just edit it in the Style Tab.
Good Idea though, I’ll put it on the Whish list :slight_smile: