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Premade styles editing?

There should be a easier way to edit the “premade styles” (such as ALL H1 Headings, ALL Paragraphs and Body).

For now, the only way to do this is to create a new Heading (for example), and then edit it.

There should be an editor for the styles to manage them all in the same place.

Hey @solmolan, totally agree with you. We’re thinking about how to enabling style management from the Style Manager panel - so you can just select it there and edit the style, without having to drop in or select a matching element. At the moment, we’re concentrating very heavily on multiple page support, and we’ll tackle this right after.


has this been implemented yet? i’m a new user, and somewhat new to web design (did some basic online classes, so not totally clueless).

by sheer luck, and out of frustration, i wanted to name a heading H2 class - and then i see a tag at the bottom called “all H2 headings” - wow, gotta say as a first time user, that’s just near impossible to have figured out, and frustrating to have gotten to. and, still, how do i style body or paragraph? how to i easily get back to “all H2”? how do i change it again later for the site? i have to find a pure “all h2” somewhere in the site, then edit that? if so, that’s extremely convoluted.

now, i see “all H2 headings” in the “style manager” - but… its just there. i can’t click on it to edit it. also, counter intuitive to me as a first time user - i can’t edit any of them. it’s just a list for renaming? i don’t see how that’s very useful.

anyway… am i just totally doing this wrong? where is this feature that was requested 1100 days ago?

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Premade styles are already in the designer tool. Can you tell me which browser you’re using and its’ version?

safari 9.1.2 (11601.7.7) - latest

where are they located, then? is there somewhere i can see a screenshot of how it is supposed to look? in any case, attached is a screenshot of mine. only the H2 is shown, because i was able to edit that one. but, from here, it’s not editable or selectable. in fact, none of them are - just for editing the name, not any of their details. any ideas?

This may help:

that’s what i described before as being hard to find. i think this is also what the OP from 3 years ago was referring to. it’s poor UX. they’re not “in the editor” they’re buried deep down in a really hard to understand way, that’s not even remotely intuitive, with no documentation that i could find.

at the very least, this needs to be shown in either the layout>styles video, or typography>styling - i just re-watched them, and there wasn’t a hint of this core functionality shown.

as a new user, it’s also mind boggling to me why all existing styles can’t be accessed and edited from the style manager. as it is, you should just call it “style namer.” i also don’t understand how the style manager isn’t even in alphabetical order, either. it seems underdeveloped.

btw, this page - - hardly useful, and what a small screenshot. so far, i’m learning that decent documentation would have helped all my confusion with webflow thus far. someone really needs to make that a priority.