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Can you host multiple websites on one Hosting Plan?

Hello Community,
I’m fairly new to webflow and it’s plans etc. It looks really interesting since I’m coming from Sublime text and coding background, it would be nice for a halfway decent drag and drop and coding tool like webflow, from what I’ve seen. Now for the question:

I wanted to know if you can host multiple websites from one site plan or if there is such a plan available. I know there’s a plugin for wordpress but it has the “Made by Webflow” badge on it and I haven’t seen anyone being able to remove it when hosting with a different Hoster.

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Nope. Each site needs it own plan if using a custom domain.

If the Webflow site is on a paid plan you have the option to remove the branding even with the Wordpress plugin.

But how would you do it if youre hosting on a different hosting provider and had a Team plan without hosting it through Webflow. Is it then possible to remove the Brandung?

Paid hosting plan is what I meant. You can’t use an external site as the source for the Wordpress plugin. With a subdomain you get branding.

Oooh okay thank you very much