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How many projects can I have in the CMS Plan?

Hello, I’m new to Webflow and I’d like to ask how many projects you can have on the CMS Plan. I already have one project in my dashboard, can I transfer another one without loosing my existing project (website)?


Hi @Chara,
welcome to webflow and the forum. The projects are not limited by the site plans. They are limited by the account plans. Here is the webflow pricing:

Account plans are needed for special features and more than 2 projects.

Site plans are as the name says it for a site. They include hosting and everything the site needs. (CMS in the CMS plan Ecommerce & CMS in the Ecommerce plan and so on)

just check the pricing page out.


@MXI Thanks for your quick reply.

So If I’m understanding it correctly, I’ll first need a site plan (e.g CMS) and then if I need to add more than one projects I’ll have to buy an account plan? But if I only need to host two websites it is free with the starter account plan?

kind of. You don´t need any plan to get startet, BUT with no account plan, you are resitricted to 2 projects, no white labeling, and no project transfer. →

And without a site plan on a site, you cannot use password protection for your site, no custom domain, no content collaborators. You are also restricted in some other features.

If i were you i would start without any plans, and see how far i come. You will clearly see where the limits are. For example if you try enabeling custom domain or site search without a site plan, webflow will say to you that you will need a site plan for this.

The site plans in gerneral are ment to be payed by your customers. (it is the hosting of their website)

Hope i could help

Thanks @MXI !
So, if I need to have a custom domain I’ll need a paid plan?

At least a paid site plan. Because this is your hosting.

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Hi Maxi,

Let’s say I have two businesses and I want both to be hosted in Webflow and both to have CSM. Does that mean that I have to pay for two CMS site plans?

Hi @AliciaBaquero,

of course. If you create two different sites, you´ll need two plans, one for each site.

This is the hosting for your site.