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Can you also let me know why two of my navigation links turn blue when active?

Can you also let me know why two of my navigation links turn blue when active? Relish Bistro and Gallery.

Thank you


I wouldn’t mind know the answer to this one as I have noticed it happening to me too…

in html - blue is the natural state of an unvisited link.

set the color to contrasting color and see if it continues or changes to the new color.

also - make sure you are not manually changing the color in the Pressed state.

So sorry, I’m still a bit of an amateur at this. Could you be more precise and let me know exactly what to do? Thanks

np. it would be easier if you provided a public link.

that way… myself or someone else would see “what you are seeing”… ie: the issue, instead of quessing at the problem.

you can disable the public link afterwards.

the webflow has a status “current” for a link that is when the link is in your own page. It comes with the color blue as standard.

To change this, simply select the link on your page (will show a status of “current” in the class) and edit this “current”


yes - the default value is #333 I believe.

do what lucas said - type in white or #fff… see what it does.

I’m afraid I’m getting no “current” status when clicked on class. Here is the public link.

Thanks again for your help.

Check your Relish Bistro and Gallery pages

  1. select the Relink Bistro page… (select the page selector icon top left side)
  2. select the Relish Bistro nav link
  3. select the Style Tab (1st tab) on top right side
  4. locate Selector…
  5. See +Current
  6. White is inherited from the parent… which is NavLink - “not current”

Same thingw with Gallery page - except with Gallery nav link

See video below

Hopefully I didn’t go to fast on the video… if I did - I will make a new one - gotta go

  • have a 7am meeting in 30 seconds.

Done it! Thank you very much for your time.