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Free webflow hosting with webflow subdomain

My understanding is that webflow will host a site for free if done so as a subdomain of webflow. Is this correct? If so, is it ok to have another domain name that points to the webflow subdomain name? Is that allowable?

Yes. You’re also limited to 2 pages, 100 dynamic items and won’t have access to all the content pieces (eg: embedding is disabled, etc).

You could have a domain redirect to your site, but they’ll still end up on the domain while viewing your site.

What if there were a client on a low budget who didn’t want to pay hosting fees for a modest website? He could purchase his domain name: which he could put on his business cards and other info, so it looks more professional, and from there it gets pointed to the webflow subdomain. Would most of his customers or prospective customers even notice the change in the address bar and would they care?

I’m just getting started with webflow so am not familiar what is meant by “embedding” and what features might be disabled.

Thank you very much for your response.

You may be surprised. There would be people who would notice it for sure. Some may be turned off by it, some may not care. There are people out there who do use the domain for their live sites.

Embedding allows you to add custom code to the site, such as a non-supported video player or, as others have done, Google Tag Manager code. You may or may not end up utilizing this feature.

If you plan on subscribing to Webflow ($42/month - $420/year), the static hosting drops from $15/month to $5/month. Both static hosting plans, I believe, would also allow you to utilize more pages and enables the embed feature.

If that’s still not in the budget, you could subscribe to Webflow for a month ($42) and then export the site’s code and host it somewhere very cheap, like or, if you’re a little tech savy, Google Cloud Storage.

I was just thinking that before I became interested in building web pages that I noticed sometimes that the address bar changed for various websites, but really didn’t pay much attention to it.

I already subscribe to webflow. I was just thinking about possible low-budget customers.

I would not try the cheap route. Try instead with doing some mock-ups for practice and then get get quality clients. With cheap clients you are almost certain to have a bad experience. The cheaper they are, the more they expect typically.

Referring to the address bar question.

From a users perspective it might scare your potential clients away. For example a lot of ads that you click redirect multiple times until you are able to go on the site. I know people who will automatically take this as spam and would exit the site. Try to make a good first impression. If the user sees in Google that it is (there’s a reason I didnt use XXX for this example :wink:) then the user will expect Give to the customer or user of the site what they assume they are getting when they press the link. This way you can further build a trust with the customer through the website and hopefully fulfill the point of the website.

Hope this helps. :sunglasses:

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Definitely echo what Vladimir says.

already subscribe to webflow. I was just thinking about possible low-budget customers.

Then I’d either go the $5 static hosting route (if they can afford it) or the NearlyFreeSpeech or Google Cloud Storage route, both of which should be pretty darn cheap and allow you to use a domain for the site instead of redirecting.

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