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Can this be built using weblflow alone?

Please don’t judge using the home page alone.
This is the site:
These are few of the sub-pages that I think would need coding work:

This is site is heavy with information and has a lot of points of interaction for the user. I was wondering if this can be completely redesigned using only Webflow and their CMS or will it require external coding work too?

Hi Sharvan

From my point of view I think You can design and deploy the whole site using Webflow. In case you are in trouble You can always use some 3rd party help or come back to this forum :webflow_heart: :slight_smile:

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Holy 90s Geocities site…

Yeah you can easily make something like this (but hopefully much better looking), but be mindful of the CMS item limits (max 10k items).


Oh thank you. I didn’t know CMS was limited at 10k. Will definitely keep that in mind.