Design/structure suggestions needed

I created this website with wordpress a few years ago for my client, need a suggestion for a newer design using webflow. They’ve been impressed with how the other ones I’ve made have turned out so far.

There are like 45 pages to this site, lots of information about products/services. This seems rather overwhelming to start but I’m sure there are some smart people here who have done something similar that would help make a redesign look great :smile:

The only thing that will be difficult will be the news section. Because WP is a CMS, it is fairly easy to grab content from the database and fling it where ever we wished. This is obviously not the case with Webflow(yet!..C’mon, we are all reeeeealy waiting for that CMS Webflow component!).

Now, I might be able to figure out some trickery by utilizing RSS and putting that content on a wordpress installation and then feeding that to some sort of script running on webflow? Ultimately, this is not ideal.

So, oh wise and powerful Webflow Community, I ask for your guidance in this endeavour!

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