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Can someone help me please? (navigation menu)

A user on webflow created this website

I really like that style of navigation menu. I don’t know how to create it.

I’m willing to pay if someone can create this for me. I’m sure it would be very easy to do for someone that knows how to create it.

Why don’t you try contacting the original creator directly?

I tried that. Sent him an email over webflow & also through his website.

Maybe he doesn’t check his email too often. It’s been a few days.

Why is there not a template like that for sale? I’d buy it. I’m sure others would as well.

The left nav bar is a fixed div 70px wide… 100% height.

Looks like the content part is a flex grid.

The nav bars are interactions.

Josh did an excellent job on that site.

Yes, i figured it out. Thank you.

It’s actually really easy to do. Webflow was so intimidating at first. Now i like it.

Way better than wix…

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definately :slight_smile:
wix sux compared to webflow.

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