Menu bar (premium styling)

I am exhausted, I have been trying to replicate a navbar from a template and i just do not know how to do it in webflow. It feels that it would of been easier to get the programmer to code it.

I have ran into so many problems with interactions, (they seem buggy) i feel like giving up and going back to unbounce, even though webflow has more potential.

Please help

Hi @Phillip_Gimmi, hang in there, it takes a little getting used to working with interactions if you have come from a different design environment.

Here is an example site with transparent navbar that goes opaque on scroll and resizes in a way that sort of mimics what I think you are trying to do. This was done with no custom code, only interactions:

There may be a number of other ways, that was just something quick I threw together.

Take a peek at the site in Webflow, to see how it was made. If you have further questions, post those here.

I hope this helps!

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