Can published websites automatically synchronize new content from the CMS collection?

Hey guys, there is a problem i faced wanna reach out to you!

I’m trying to build a social content sharing website to share some of the latest blog my favorite, like Twitter, youtube. I automatically synchronize these external contents(RSS) to the collection through Zapier, and then display them on the website. However, when new content into the collection, they cannot be automatically synchronized to the published website, but need to manually click “publish” to update the latest content. So, is there a way that when new content is synchronized to the collection from Zapier, the already published website will update the new content?

Hey Typto,

I’m guessing you’re using the API to update the CMS.
With the v2 API, I believe it’s still the case that you need to make two calls, one for the update, and one for the publish.

Hey memetican, im use the Zapier to do it, seems it works when i use the live item in zapier! but thank you so much your reply to allow me explore a new method!

Most automation tools are still using the V1 API. Take advantage of it for that live feature when you can :slight_smile:

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got it! thank you for the tips!