Updated CMS don't show on published Website

Hello Guys,

I got a problem and no plan how to save it.

I am having a CMS database witch gets updated automatically by an API to MySQL Database, thats working fine.

My problem now is that, when the Data in the CMS gets updated (happens every 1 minute) the new updated CMS Data don’t show on the already published website.
I need to republish my website to see the changes on the website link.

My question now:

Is there any way to automate the publishing process, so that the real time updated CMS Data always shows on the Homepage?

I did’t find anything about this in the Forum, maybe someone here can help me.
Thank all of you in advance.

You’ll find a number of posts about this in the API categories.
The v2 API does not have an auto-publish feature. You need to make 2 calls → update item, then publish item.

If you’re using an automation platform, it may be the platform hasn’t updated to the new API completely, and you’ll have to figure out how to call the publish API directly in your automation.

If you’re using something like whalesync, contact them or read their blog to see what their recommendation is to deal with the v2 API changes.