Can no longer mover files around

A few days ago, the icon for moving pages around in the pages list disappeared. I can still create folders, but I can no longer pages around or put them into a new folder. What happened?

You get the icon by hovering on one page slot.

Thanks, Vincent. On my screen, that new icon is virtually invisible and escaped my notice. Thanks for pointing it out. The used to be quite obvious and on the other side of the bar, so I thought it disappeared.

Webflow is a great product, but the icons and fonts on the designer page are so tiny they are not only hard for me to read but often difficult to find the active area for a mouse click (for instance, the odd new way for renaming/removing styles). Of course, I could magnify the screen, but then the designer area has the wrong size. It would be very useful if Webflow provided a way to increase the size of the side panels while keeping the designer area at 100%. It would also be nice if the panels could be expanded since some page names and style nests get very large.

Being able to fix bugs and add features “on the fly” is both an advantage and a disadvantage for an online app. When an app is never really stable and changes regularly without notice, it is a continual learning process and sometimes, as in this case of the “lost” icon, a significant waste of time. But, thanks to you, at least I now know how to move pages around. :smile:

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