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"Drag to reorder" folder in Pages panel is not working correctly

This has been frustrating for me ever since folders are released. So you can imagine my pain!

This happens when there’s a lot of folders in the panel. I can’t drag a folder and drop in in-between 2 other folders. In fact, I can not even select a page and drop it in-between 2 folders. It’s just not possible. I can only select a page or folder and drop it in-between 2 pages. Help me please!

See short video;


Agree… And automaticly renaming without warning!

Hi there. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention.

The issue has been reported and our team is working to find a solution for you.

Thanks in advance for your patience while we investigate!


Yes it is. The only way I’ve worked around this
is to drag the element to top of (list)
then drag to right and down at the same time.

Works sometimes. Sometime not.

When it doesn’t work… my list is all out of whack.

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