How to set globally heading and other text styles

This seems like it ought to be the most basic functionality of a web editor, but my team and I absolutely cannot seem to figure out how to simply edit typography styles. I’ve pored over the documentation and forums to no avail. Is someone able to explain to me how to modify, say, and H1 style?

I’m starting with a purchased template, so all I want to do is make simple font and size changes to the styles and classes that are already applied. I just want them to be applied consistently across all pages, rather than editing each individual instance.

Below is a screenshot of the template and H1 that I’m attempting to modify. The only pink class selector says “Body (All Pages)”, but the element itself says it’s an H1. Where do I modify that H1 style? What am I missing here? Thanks!

Hello @Jonathan_Hooper Are you able to share your Read-Only link with us?

From my understanding from here, you can try clicking on body from the left navigator panel, then under the class for body click on it until you can select “Body (All Pages)” If you already have a class name delete it and then click on class and it should pull up.

Once that is selected, see if you have any variables that are attached to that limiting you from making font-family changes, etc,. Let me know if this works otherwise if you can share your read-only link, I can dissect a bit further.


Thanks! I don’t seem to be able to select any class from the left navigator panel. I can hover over them and it displays the attributes of that class in code, but there’s no way to edit it.

Here is the link:

@Jonathan_Hooper This may be a workspace issue. Are you using a starter workspace? If that’s the case then it may not be letting you edit since the starter workspace only allows up to 2 pages. You can either start hosting your site to get more pages or I would open up a ticket to see if this is a bigger issue.

I’m not having any issues on my side editing on your read-only link but I have an agency workspace plan. I would start there otherwise try contacting support.

hi @Jonathan_Hooper you are looking into wrong UI part for global settings. I had explained a bit where to go in following video. Hope it will bring some light int how to. If you would like to have more information you can visit WFU or documentation as there is all well documented.