Default Styles - is this a Webflow legacy item?

I am performance enhancing a customers website that is quite large and been on Webflow for some time.
I have come across some elements that have the Default Styles inherited.

I have searched the forum and I think this is a throw back to the old designer before the global class names such as ‘All H1 Headings’. Can anyone shed some light on how to remove it please.

I have tried duplicating the class etc and it follows.


@iDATUS ~ Hello. Not sure if I understand you correctly, but I’ll give it a shot.

When selecting a grid, it defaults to the grid layout or course. It will be orange and let you know that it’s the default setting/value. All you have to do is change it to whatever you want at whatever breakpoint you want.

I just added a new div and converted it to grid. its blue and has a new class name. no changes made.
The grid in question has had changes made and lots of strike throughs.

I am just clicking the element and showing the styles applied.
Very strange.

I have the same trouble. I copied an element from another project. Obviously elements inherit certain styles that are not editable. I hope the developers take note of this.

I should have updated this post with the answer.
Default style is when you use the create grid icon rather than what I was doing, which was create a div, and then convert it to grid.
I don’t use the webflow short cuts, I convert a DIV to what ever I want it to be.