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Can I re-link a symbol?

Hello all,
I’m making a website for a client and working on a pricing chart right now. I made a symbol which lets me easily create the columns chart (lifesaver!). Problem is my client would rather have their new website up online even if it’s not 100% perfect and then re-upload improvements as needed.

I want to work on each column of the chart individually which you can do by unlinking them from the symbol, but when I want to come back to it later I want to relink them to the symbol to make more design changes to all the columns at once. Is this possible to do in Webflow?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi Keijo!

That is the magic idea beyond symbols - that each change affects all “elements” on the project, kind of like a group of elements.

If you want to link individually, but still keep the style, I suggest you to 1st display the symbol across the site, where you want it to be and then, unlink it from the other symbols.

This way you’ll be able to give each element different links.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Yes, I understand that, but lets say for example, that after my client has uploaded the site, he doesn’t like the way all the icons look in each of the rows and wants me to change them. With a symbol it’s pretty easy to do this to one and it affects all, but now that I’ve unlinked them there’s no way to relink them to make these changes all at once.

I’ve got around it by copying and pasting the symbol to a different section and setting that section to display: none. It works in the short term.

Hey @keijo I dont think there is a workaround for this as yet. Learnt it the hard way a few projects back. A safe measure would be to create symbols for the different icon types and leave them as so til exporting time.


Yeah it seems there is no easy way. But what I have works for now.

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