Removing Symbol Link Made No Difference


I had created a progression bar that I plan to animate that would give off the illusion by going through a series of pages. However, after unlinking my bar it seems to be still make changes to the original. I even unlinked the original to stop the changes from happening but it still did not work. How do I stop it from making changes to each other?

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Hi Gary welcome to the Webflow forum.

You haven’t shared the project but I suspect you are talking about style changes.

Think about the symbols, elements inside has class names so if you change any styles for those class names it will be applied to all those elements with the same classnames.

So what I mean is even if you unlink the symbol, class names applied to those will still remain the same. So the style changes will apply to all those elements.

With symbols, only if you change the element position, you’ll see the difference.


Thanks for the reply.

So what do you recommend?

Here’s what I noticed. I was able to unlink the forms just find and able to edit around without affecting the main symbol. I copied my progress bar into another site and copied it again to avoid having to turn it into a symbol. I still got the same problem so its not a symbol issue.

The names in the class tags are not the same as I changed them such as Container, Container 2, etc.
What could it be?

It would have been best if shared your project link.

As you said, you changed the class name like Container to Container 2 did you do this for all the elements inside? Did you change the class names for all the elements inside?

By the way, did you duplicate the class name or did you just renamed it?

I got it. I had to change the classes of the elements on the inside. Thanks!

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Great always happy to help.