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Saving A Section? A Column?

Hi all, loving webflow so far and excited about the possibilities. I’m wondering if there is a way to save a section. I know I can wrap in a style and save that part but what if I want to save all the elements - the container/columns, the images, etc. When I finish a section just the way I want I like to move on to an entirely new page to avoid making a mistake and messing up the work i’ve already done. Would great to save entire sections like this in Assets or something. Any tricks to do this currently? Don’t think it’s possible with symbols but maybe I’m wrong there.

I think symbols is the feature you need to use. With symbols, you can reuse the same symbol over and over again on multiple pages. And the great thing about this is that you can edit a symbol from any page it’s on, and the changes will be pushed to all other pages that it’s on.

Let me know if this makes sense to you. Good luck and have fun :wink:

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Hey PG! thanks yes I was playing around with Symbols before and couldn’t get it working so didn’t think that was it, but playing with it some more I see yes this very powerful and should be used often!

Two big things I’ve learned in first few days that will help others just starting out.

Drag and drop is one. Take elements and symbols and drag them right in. Very cool. Also a simple delete command and copy/paste keyboard commands both from within design pane and also in navigation view.

WF is a very impressive tool. Not sure I’ve seen a tool this potentially disruptive since Wordpress. Looking forward to learning more and increasing my WF skills!


AWESOME! :smiley:

When you’re done with your first creation, share it on this forum.

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