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Single-Use License for Template - Can I Build Multiple Websites for 1 Client?

The single-use license states:

You can use a Paid Template for only one person/business/project. If you want to use the purchased template for a different client or project, then you’ll have to buy another license (by buying the template again).

Am I correct to say that if I have a client who wants multiple websites for the same project (hub of sites) using the same paid template, I can purchase the template once and duplicate the project?

Without being 100 % sure, you will need 1 license per site, unless the hub is under the hood of multiple subdomains and one main domain.

Maybe you can tell a bit more about the use case and someone of the staff can give you a qualified answer.

If it really is that simple as you say: “multiple websites for the same project” which are hosted on different domains, then yes. You need multiple licenses.

Yeah, the websites will all be hosted on different domains. All sites will be nearly exact match websites, except the smaller ones will be one level down on the sitemap (so level 2 pages on the main website will be made into the homepages on other sites.)