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Can I publish a project to a page on a domain?

I have an existing site (made and published in Webflow to our own domain) and am trying to add e-commerce. The quickest way seems to be to have two separate projects, the existing site/project, and a new shopping project using a webflow eCommerce template.
In the existing site I would use a “Shop now” button that would be linked to the home page of the shopping project, and a “Finished shopping” button linking back to the homepage of the existing site.
Can I continue to use for the existing site, and something like for the eCommerce. I really don’t want to have to buy another domain if I don’t have to.
Also, if I am publishing two projects, do I have to pay for two plans?



No, you cannot publish to a path in a domain used in another project.

Many thanks.
Is there any other way to add eCommerce to an existing site using a template?