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Can I import a .csv file and add the data to existing collection items?

I have a collection of apartments for sale. I have all the data except prices, those will be provided later.

Is it possible to import the prices later and add the to the existing apartments collection items?

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Sadly, no, it’s not possible to update collection items with the CMS import.

If you are technical enough, you can use Webflow’s API to do it.

I’m currently building a solution for those who are not technical enough to use the API. It allows people to update their collection items by uploading CSV files. If you want, I could help you import your prices later using my tool.


Hi, just wondering what the status is of the tool you’re creating?

Hi, I’m currently beta testing it with a dozen users. Signup for the beta and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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Thank you! Signed up!