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Can I get help integrating Cloudflare with Webflow hosting please?


I want to host my site on webflow but use Cloudflare’s Flexible SSL feature so the site is on https as mentioned a few posts down this thread

Currently I have my dns in namecheap set up like so:

However cloudflare have their own nameservers which I set up like so, to replace the webflow ones

however the site didn’t propagate. So I’ve now changed back temporarily to webflow’s settings (as of 5 mins ago so the site isn’t appearing yet).

Does anyone know how to get cloudflare DNS working with webflow hosting please? Sorry if this is one for Cloudflare but their support is slow if you’re on the free plan so thought I’d ask here first.



From your second image, these records:

need to be set as the domain’s nameservers, not added as DNS entries (it’s confusing, I know :/).

To do this click on “Transfer DNS to Webhost”

and add those two cloudflare nameservers from above on that page

NOTE: When you do this the DNS settings you have set in the namecheap control panel are no longer active, the DNS records for your domain are now controlled by cloudflare (that is what setting the nameservers for a domain does).

Then, go to the cloudflare settings page and click on the DNS tab. You will add the webflow dns records that previously would have been on namecheap on a page looking like this:

Let me know if you have any other questions or if that didn’t solve your issue!

Hi Nathan

That’s a massive help, thanks a lot mate. I’ll set it up now and let you know how I get on.


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