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Using Cloudflare SSL with Webflow


I’m building a website in webflow with a long form on it. I want the form data to be captured securely (https / SSL etc) using webflow’s form capture. I’ve come across this thread:

My Q is, if I use cloudflare for my DNS, will the data be passed securely over https into webflow?

Many thanks


Hi @GrahamCox, Thanks for the followup :slight_smile: Lets consider a few points together :slight_smile:

  1. Form submissions made to Webflow are encrypted when stored to the Webflow Forms panel and are secured using SSL :slight_smile:

  2. The Flexible SSL option with cloudflare, lets all your visitors and search engines see the lock icon, when they visit your site, so they have a better warm and fuzzy feeling when it comes to submitting personal or sensitive data. This option does not secure data between Webflow and Cloudflare, so it is not fully secure from end to end.

  3. If you need a fully secure, end to end connection having SSL (for example, your connection to the Webflow designer from your browser to our backend is always connected via SSL), then the hosting server needs it’s own SSL certificate. We do not support SSL certificates yet.

It sounds to me, that the flexible ssl is the option to go for, because your forms will be secured, and all your pages will have the lock icon because you have the public content setup through cloudflare.

I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I’m happy to assist further! :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarifying this Dave, I’ll go with the Flexible SSL approach.

Hi @GrahamCox - form submissions that are sent from your browser to Webflow are indeed secured by SSL. Here’s a network capture of the form submission taking place in the dev tools of Chrome for this site:

As you can see, the Request URL is under https.

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