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Load collection data into embeds

Ok, so here’s the scenario:
I want to build a dashboard in webflow using dynamic data from collections (think graphs, tables, reports).

Due to the limitations with webflow (namely the inability to insert html tables) I will need to use code embeds. I am a front-end developer by background so his doesn’t phase me.

However is it possible to load collections into embedded code?

The ultimate goal is to display charts from the tabular data. I have achieved this previously (in another web page builder) using high-charts [Data defined in a HTML table |] but it requires me to loop through the data in an html table with structured table-header, table-rows and table-cells.

I see no attempt has been made to add tables to the editor, even though it’s been on the wishlist since forever. Am I dreaming??

I came across this basic example: Data defined in a HTML table | but I’d like something more sophisticated.


something like this maybe?

Here I’m adding an embed for each collection item, creating Javascript objects using their data and just hide the whole collection.

Then I’m able to use the data wherever I please :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ve since come across this video which may provide a helpful worked example: How to Webflow (Live): Using ChartJS with the Webflow CMS - YouTube