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Multi-step Form & Survey using Webflow only

Hey everyone!

I have taken on the challenge of pushing the Webflow form widget as far as I can. I want to see what we can achieve on our websites using only Webflow.

In this example I have created a multi step survey.

Hope you find it useful.



Hey @AlexN

Great job been looking to do this for a while :smile:


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Very cool. This gives me some great ideas on how to use interactions too. I love the ability to create interactions, but get creative block thinking about use cases.

Thanks for sharing!

Awesome stuff. Can you show us the shared version so we can see the bones?

Sure! you can even clone it.

You can also find this link in the success message of the form


Thanks for the link, great! I am building something with the same functionality for a client, but still cannot figure out how to process the data. The answers people give to the questions will lead to different responses and different pages of the web site, but I have no idea how!


Does anyone know if it’s possible to deploy a multi-stage form in Webflow? In other words a form that a user would fill out in stages. Perhaps by having each stage be a frame in a slider?

Is there a way to make advancing to the next set of form fields contingent upon required fields being filled out?

Or is there a way to link/communicate between forms across pages or slider windows?


Hey @heyward, @AlexN made a pretty sweet multi-step form here: Multi-step Form & Survey using Webflow only :slight_smile:

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Is it possible to create this type of survey but make it into a test? In other words to keep of track
of answers and tally a score? I have a potential project like this coming up.