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Moving CSS upstream

General question, but one that I’ve already run into a number of times:

When styling a particular class I have sometimes gone through a number of steps only to find that I was drilled down to tablet or mobile view, and so the new work did not apply to desktop. In code, this would be an easy copy-paste fix, but is there a similarly easy way to migrate CSS styles “upstream” rather than manually recreating them?

I sure hope I’ve just missed this, because it’s a real limitation in my experience, and has resulted in a lot of extra work.

I’d appreciate any advice other than: be more careful :wink: …or export the site, then edit the CSS (I do this already)


Hmmm… I’m not sure you can do this in any way. The features in the CSS cascade down but never up. An interesting situation indeed. Sorry couldn’t help you, I just dont think this is possible in Webflow. :pensive::wink:

…just as I feared, but maybe there will be a future fix. I would love for webflow to add a little manual edit window, but I suppose that would just allow too many things to be broken!

thanks for your reply

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Maybe this is somewhere you would be interested in sharing your opinion with others. :wink:

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