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Way to extend 'tablet' breakpoint to 1024px?

Right now, 1024px (iPad/tablet landscape) is under the main ‘desktop’ breakpoint; however, I want my tablet styling to start at 1024px…

The problem is, Webflow’s default ‘max tablet breakpoint’ is at 991px. Is there a way to tell webflow to start the tablet breakpoint at 1024px? WITHOUT having to do a hell of a lot of custom code…

Why not just style the desktop version how you want the tablet version to look and then add a larger breakpoint for desktop?

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…because that’s not how my design should work

Oh, I see what you’re saying. Sorry. Didn’t realize they added a 1280 breakpoint. Ehhhhh, not ideal, but it could work, i guess… Webflow really needs to introduce custom breakpoints.

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Webflow recognizes standardize breakpoints by devices. I’m glad you figured out a workaround. you can also set any div to a max width or styling up to a certain pixel width.