Change breakpoints

I’m doing a vertical menu rather horizontal on my website but at 1300px width this is no longer doable because the content would be too squeezed together. Is there a way to change the 990px breakpoint of tablet to 1300px width?

Thanks in advance!

No, you will have to use custom code to tell your nav to behave in a certain way on a certain breakpoint (using media queries).

Can I just export the code , change the value of the tablet break point and upload it back to Webflow?

You cannot upload your code back to Webflow.

Is there any hack or cheat I can use or should I just hope users won’t scale it that small

It is hard to suggest anything without seeing your design.

Here is my preview link

Don’t mind the cringe from the current place holder text haha

The layout looks easily modifiable to afford the nav even on smaller sizes. Here are just a few steps to make it look good and tweak further:

  • remove left margin from your menu
  • set left and right paddings on your gridbox to 5%
  • remove max-width from your p

Looks better already. Now tweak further to taste :wink:

i think its ridiculous that its not possible to change the breakpoints… along having so many nice features, this gives me headache.