Can I add images via URL (instead of uploading)?

The problem: Upload images larger than 4MB.
My thought: Is there a way to add images (including gifs) on the website from a URL instead of uploading them?

  • if you can answer like you’re explaining to a toddler, I’d appreciate it!

Images can be added via URL via the API, but only to the CMS. How this work depends on when/how your images are being added, but you’ll probably use something like Make to pass the image URL into the API.

There is a bit too much contextual understanding required for most 5 year olds. :wink:

Thanks @memetican ! To add a bit of context, this is the website:

I will replace the images on the board at the mid/bottom with animated hi-res gifs. How can I use this Make thing? Is it a plugin? How can I edit CMS? SUPER appreciate your reply!

If the board is generated from the CMS, then you can update those images programmatically. is an automation platform.

@memetican Can you elaborate? Just signed up for Make. How can I add gifs or other images via URL to the image areas on my Webflow?

Not really, as I said above, how you build this depends entirely on how you’re adding the images. The approach would be quite different for a one-time load of 1,000 images, than it is for adding a new image every time a form is submitted or every time an RSS feed is updated.

You’ll need to work out your business process first to figure out what it is you’re automating.

Reopening in case anyone has a solution for how to add images via URL instead of uploading them to the Webflow library.

For everyone wondering, it’s pretty simple:

  1. Click on Add Elements (A)
  2. Scroll down to Advanced and drag the item “Embed”
  3. It will open an HTML text field, simply paste this code < img src=“URL” > (remove the space between <> and the text) and replace URL with the image’s URL.
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Here’s another approach, just use the Webflow API: Create Collection Item

Take the URL of the image and through the Webflow API create (or update) a CMS item’s “image” field.

Now it’s available anywhere that CMS item is available within the Webflow Designer.

If you want a user interface for that, create a native Webflow form that takes a URL and submits into the Webflow CMS (through Make / Integromat).

Here’s an example:

There are other, creative ways as well.

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Hi, @lucaszaiden thanks a lot for sharing your experience!
I have similar question but with video… I’m going to make up with webflow the website for a video production agency. I wanna add there some videos stored at their Youtube via URL. Also, without uploading them to Webflow library, like you do it with photos. I mean like at animated marketing video website for instance and not embed as at this website . Do you know if your proposed solution for images will work for videos as well? or how to do it?

There is a youtube video element. Simply use that.