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How do I add images, video, and gifs hosted by another website?

Hi there!

Let me start off by saying I’m brand new to webflow and have a design background, but barely no coding or engineering background (aside from building some super basic stuff in CSS and HTML in college).

I am building a website and hoping to host some images, video, and gifs from Imgur and I have no clue how to go about doing that? For some background, I used to work there so my work is already up on the website and they can host some huge videos and gifs (some of my work is huge in visual size and file size). Any one have any clue how to do this? Do I need to add custom code or is there a button to do so? Before I go about butchering some copy and pasted code I was hoping someone on here might be able to help!

Not sure if this is any help but the website I am working on is here:


And an here is an example of a gif hosted on Imgur that I would like to display on my website:

Thanks in advance!
Aloha! Ryan

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi and welcome :webflow_heart:

You can use CMS collection - one of your item filed in the collection should be A link to the image file in imgur.

Thank you Moshe! Is there a way to do it without CMS collections?