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GIF in CMS Rich Text Issue what I want :(

Im trying to add a gif I created to a CMS rich text field but seem to only have the ability to paste a url such as youtube. My goal is to have it look clean and auto play similar to the webflow blog… here’s an example.

My question is do I have the ability from the CMS template to add gif’s like this? and if so how?

My current GIF

Style Im looking for, taken from the example I posted above.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Any help on this?

Im thinking the CMS rich text wont work that way I want it and will have to use a page, but trying to confirm.

Your reference (from Webflow site) isn’t a gif but a video that plays on hover with JS.

To mimick this inside of a CMS you’ll need quite some custom JS code.

I figured it out. You insert your gif as an image and not a video.

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