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Can anyone help with a reCAPTCHA issue?


Basically I’ve added reCAPTCHA v2. No issues, it works… But as the warning tells us, once it’s enabled, forms without a reCAPTCHA won’t deliver… which is an issue for quickly collecting emails from forms that just have an email field for visitors to sign up…

Putting a reCAPTCHA in these would not only spoil the look and feel of the website, more importantly, would be counter-productive. It’s just an email field. With a submit button next to it. Making visitors then click on fire hydrants etc. will kill the whole “quick” sign up process.

Is there anyway reCAPTCHA can be made to ignore certain forms…? I’m asking for code if anyone has the solution.

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend.


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You would need to leverage a third party form processor that supported reCAPTCHA. I use for this very reason.

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