Calendly integration works differently on different web browers

I have integrated Calendly on our website to allow clients to book meetings thorugh our scheduling page: Schedule a call | Northstake

Unfortunately, the schedule module only appears on Chrome and Edge and not on Firefox and Safari.
On Firefox and Safari the page is left blank.

Does anybody know what might cause such an issue?

Thanks in advance,

Thomas, how you integrated it? I tested your Calendly on a test site and it’s working.

Have a look over this quick video I’ve put for you.

Hi Chris,
I have integrated it as you did in the video (thanks a ton btw!!).
However, it still doesn’t show up when I am opening the page in eg. Firefox.
I am in dialogue with webflow support :slight_smile:

@thomasdaugaard - Webflow probably won’t assist you on this. Browser issues with third-party apps are issues you need to take to the app developer.

Thomas, why would you care about Firefox (unless all your clients are devs)? The best to understand this is to head to your GA4 and see what browsers people use when visiting your site. If Firefox is only 2%, would that make sense to optimize for? I’ll agree with Jeff here. It’s not WF that devd calendly. You have to speak with Calendly or a dev, but usually Calendly might not work for multiple reasons, including CORS policies, secured frame headers, and so on. If you still need to show Calendly of Firefrox, I’d probably do a simple JS that detects the firefox browser and shows a div block with a info message inside saying: Our calendar widget does not supports Firefox. Please use Chrome or Safari.