The website language

Hi guys. I’m currently making this website for a client who wants everything in danish. I have integrated Calendly where moth of the things is in English because Calendly doesn’t have Danish as a language.

Is there somehow where I can translate the Calendly to danish on the website with Google translation or something?..

Thanks in prehabs

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Today, translation is mostly a function of the web browser itself. Unfortunately if I toggle Chrome to Danish language, and visit your site- it does not seem to pick up and translate the Calendly content.

If that’s a need, you’ll probably have to wait for Calendly to offer Danish, or switch to another scheduling provider.

There are translation tools that you can implement into your website. I once used Weglot for this and it worked quite well…

What it does is it automatically translates your whole website into the language of your choice and afterwards you can edit/change all the translated texts if the auto-translation gets something wrong.

The website users then have a button where they can change the language on your site.

Ahh great, thank you man! And you think that would work with Calendly as well?

I never tried both services together… but I think it should work if the code of Weglot is loaded AFTER the code of Calendly is being loaded.

Unfortunately I think it’s very unlikely. Calendly content loads in an IFRAME, which by definition is content-protected by the browser. It’s why we can’t restyle or “fix” IFRAME-embedded content.

But I’m super curious to see if I’m right on that, if someone were able to run a test.

Actually if it were possible for the containing website to affect the Calendly IFRAME content, then we could just fix those text items with a bit of script ourselves.