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Calendly not working on chrome (General)

Regarding embedding the popup widget of calendly onto a page
Referring to webflow forum I managed to get calendly popup to a button made in webflow.
I don’t speak code language so seeking help here.
It works fine on Chrome incognito and Safari but no actions on general chrome? Why would it work fine on incognito and not on general browser?

Don‘t you need to add the link to the button? Your read-only site displays only a # as link target.

Ye because I’ve used some custom code with button ID for it to action. I’ve included some custom code on page tag. Basically the button works fine, its just I don’t understand why its not working on chrome but on incognito mode it works as intended. Also safari, no problem

That doesn‘t seem to be the official embed method. Please follow the university guide I linked above and don‘t forget to watch that awesome video!