Calendly Integration for Mobile

Hi everyone!

I am using Calendly integration in order to allow users to book meetings on my website.

When I integrated Calendly on the desktop version, I have used an HTML Code on the page in order to trigger Calendly pop up widget once a user clicks on it.

My problem lies in creating the same process (Allow a user to book a meeting on my website by clicking on a button and initiating a Calendly pop up widget) on my mobile version of the site. It looks like the HTML code used for the desktop version does not work for the mobile version. Nothing happens.

Has anyone experienced the same problem?

Kind regards,


I recently integrated Calendly on one of my projects and ended up using the embedded option which worked great. You may try that route in a pop-up modal created within Webflow for a similar effect.

Without seeing the project in question I won’t be able to know if there’s another issue at play here, so (if possible) including your read-only link will allow the community to better assist.

I worked with calendly widgets, can you share your site or the read-only link?