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Calendar for appointments

Hello there,

So I wanted to embed a calendar for appointments in my site. The problem is that I m in a test phase, so i dont want to spend money yet… With google appointment slots you have to have a google apps account and that costs some money.

I just wanted to know if somebody could think some way to show a calendar (monthly, little) that when you click on the days it shows you the available slots. Only that, it doesnt need to be programmed to book online, just that.

Is this possible?

Thanks very much everyone.

haven’t tried it mu self but maybe you can give it a try

Thanks for you answer!

I ve taken a look at this, bur in the free version it says that you can only embed 1 calendar. I wanted to offer online services and each provider have their calendar. I can try it and if it’s really cool maybe pay… I dont know

Thanks you

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Any other suggestions?Im trying to think of something, maybe tabs as months?

found a way to do it with tabs :slight_smile:

Great :smile:
Maybe you could publish it here so someone else who needs it can use it too.

Of course! Just have to do some ajustments